ADMOB ADS not work . Appy builder problem


Hello ADMOB ADS NOT WORK in appybuilder offline mode… why?
can you help me guys?

on Kodular ads show correctly, on appybuilder offline nope. I have last appybuilder with api28.


see the reasons here why ads might not be shown


Hello Taifun thanks for your answer.
The problem is:
in appybuilder I receive : “the ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory”

in kodular work fine…

so I really not understand what is the problem… for me is a problem of appybuilder…marketing strategy for force users to buy kodular???


I test ad banner also in thunkable and work very well…ONLY APPYBUILDER NOT.
I need to update my app… please support me @Hossein


protip: do a search in the community…


I have search!!! stop to remind me to search problem…I read all thread possible…
I use the same ad on appybuilder, kodular and thunkable.
SO… if on kodullar and thunkable work…why not work (NOT WORK ALWAYS) ON APPYBUILDER?
I THINK is a problem of appybuilder and team know that…but… is most important earn with kodular…
this is very bad for community… no one reply and interest for the problem


If you have read all the threads then you will know that the problem may be with your app. It’s not the fault of any builder.

The error message is very clear. What do you not understand about it?


again??? I also tell you that I have test the same admob banner code also on other 2 paltform and work!
how you explain this? I have the project on appybuilder and dont’ want to share my revenue with kodular team…I want upgrade my app from this version on appybuilder. appybuilder team not answer me and this is very suspicius for me.


I also create new app in appybuilder …empty app only banner admob and don’t work. so if admob don’t work on appybuilder (not depend from the app) and work on other platform like kodular and thunkable… what is the answer? problem in appybuilder! there’s a lot of people whit same problem and I not read abour resolution!!!


You clearly haven’t read any topics. If you had you would know this means Admob don’t have any ads to show on your app.

It’s got nothing to do with the builder you use. It’s to do with whether Admob believe your app is installed and used by many people. They are not going to show ads on apps with a low number of frequent users.

Contact Admob for the solution or create a more useful app.


My ADS is permanent block since 2 years can u help me


No it is problem of the builder, if you read all threads then you can see this very clearly and test it