Admob Ads not showing


I am sure this must have been covered. I try to search but did not find topic.

My admob setting is --> Width Automatic
Sceen --> Scrollable

But ad show only in Landscape mode. In portrait mode its black box.

Help is appreciated.


@Richard_Nero i know you have, but just to confirm, screen is set to responsive?

Also, is ad at top or bottom?


@Hossein -

My app is Portrait. I was trying landscape just for Admob issue.

Is there a setting for setting it RESPONSIVE? -

Ad is shown at the bottom. I did make sure it is in visible range by making screen scorallable.


In the Screen1 designer properties, there is a “Sizing” option.


@Conor @Hossein

It works now. Thanks


@Richard_Nero Great to know its working now :ok_hand:


but now its not working



I have a main page on screen2 where size responsive option is not there. how to do on the other screens.


You only have to set it on screen1.


Does setting responsive screen on screen2 sets response screen to all other screens in the app.?


On screen1…