AdMob ads not showing in my app



Hey, everyone. I created an app and got my AdMob all set up, tried to add payment method but it won’t let me because it says I don’t need to until I hit a payment threshold. In my app, the AdMob example ads showed up 100% of the time, rewards working too. But when I put the IDs for my real apps, they do not show up on my phone, and I sent the APK to a friend, he says they don’t show up either. Someone please help!


Bumping this post, still need help…


when you create an admob acount and then an ad (interstitial, reward video, banner) you have to wait until your account is aproved to monetize your adds (24-48 hrs) admob will send you an email to tell you that your admob account is ready to monetize.

In the payment treshold, you need to accumulate an amount of money from your ads, (60 USD) but depends in your country and currency. When you reach that amount, you can input a payment method: a check to a fisical location or a bank account.

Forgot to mention that everytime you update your app in the playstore, you have to wait somewhat like 1-2 hours to get the ads running again.


I don’t have a play store dev account, so that’s not a problem. I wasn’t aware i’ll get an AdMob email, so I’ll be on the lookout for that. Thanks Ismael!


I don’t know if you NEED to have a developers account, but the ad aproval takes time and has very strict policies to “earning apps” in which your admob account could be suspended. Sometimes it can track you if you use multiple admob accounts and suspend those too.

I hope this is not the case.


I don’t have multiple admob accounts so that should not be a problem. I am going to leave ads out of my app until I get the email that my admob has been approved.


Me pasa lo mismo, en mi caso no se ve ningún anuncio. en el emulador si se muestran los anuncios de prueba. pero al descargar el APK para probar en le celular, entonces no se muestra ningún anuncio de prueba y tampoco los reales de admod, banner tampoco intersticial y tampoco rewarded video. no se cual sea el problema en realidad porque he probado en varias paginas que dan este servicio de hacer apps como Thunkable, Kodular, Block2Code, ETC y en todos sucede lo mismo!! pasa el el mismo problema en todas. si hay alguien que le funcione que me indique que estoy haciendo mal por favor, o si conoce de alguna pagina que no este sucediendo este problema le agradecería mucho, gracias.
los anuncios ya fueron activados porque en otras paginas como Thunkable si se muestran los reales pero solo en modo Emulador, al descargar el APK tampoco se muestra.