Adds not showing



Hi. I was create app with google absence banner add and interatrial add links but adds not showing in that app after I was installed ? I given correct blocks and links …is there any problem else ?


How frequently you load the ad and how many ad components you have?


Total i hv 3 banner ads and 1 interstitial add … Just now I was build and opened but can’t visible any add


I use 1 banner and 1 intersitial but the ad doesn’t show. how to handle it…?


did you set the screen to responsive? sometimes some ads will can be showed after an hour after the first call/load


I wil try once again after one hour and screen setting …


I always set the screen to responsive, yesterday after my application exported to the apk, I tried to install it on android and then I opened the application and I tried to leave the application open for about 3 hours but no ads were displayed either banner and intersitial ads. but when I check in the admob account there is a request report that appears. what do you think about this …?


what kind of report?

did you fill your payment form?

you have to fill your payment information before you can use admob ads


report requests like this …
I have filled out payment information …


it’s not important and you can dismiss them all. do you see requests at your performance? that shows how much request attempted from your app. i don’t know how the first app appears but, my first ad appear after 3 hours and hundreds of tries


I already filled my payment details but I didn’t mention my mobile number. Just now I opened my app after screen is responsive also my adds not showing … :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:… And one more thing I was make app in mobile… Please give me some suggestions to show my adds …


i have search for hours about this problem and i get another that maybe the solution.

you need to wait at least 18 - 24 hours to show your ads after you made the ad ID at your admob account. i don’t know why but this happened at most new members

because i just tried to make another ad unit about 6 hours ago and it’s not showing till now, compared with my previous ad units


That’s the problem . I heard that admob apps adds showing only making with android studio . If u make admob earning apps in Appy builder, thunkable … Etc sites, adds not showing unless android studio . Is it ?


Now my app showing one banner add only after 8 hrs … i was give 2 banner adds unit id and one interstritial add id …


nope, my apps have showed ads more than thousands times from thunkable, and hundreds from appy builder. you want to choose thunkable, appy builder, etc they’re not very different at all. but appy builder provides you to place rewarded videos on your apps

yeah, now my ads are not showing after i made new app in my admob.


you can try call more ads on your blocks, it worked on me, but it will lower your level of compatibility

and it may make your ads not showing in the future (3%)