Adding Data Problem Facing in Fusion Table


Hey There,
Actually I’m making a app and now adding data in fusion table, but when i’m trying upload data then showing an error this…

and my codes are
i’m also given all of value in fusion table and also change fusion table use authentication please help as soon as possible.
Thanks in Advance


well, your error message is “invalid table id”, isn’t it?
you might want to check the table id therefore…
also do the Pizza Party tutorial to learn how to work with fusiontables


Already resolved thanks for you reply


but i’m facing a problem with swipe refresh extension, please resolved this,
Actually, i want to load data in web viewer when swipe but if i’m called it screen getting blank please check my blocks


well the result from the query you will get in the FusiontableControl.GotResut event and not somehow magically in the webviewer…

you could use the Fusiontable webviewer url solution instead



trying with these blocks also…