AddGradient Extension[PAID]


With this extension you can add a gradient to almost any component including Button, Label, Textbox, Switch, Slider and Arrangements.
You can also add a border with a color and width of your choosing.

This extension is compatible with API16 JellyBean and higher.


Examples of Use:

Picture of output:

GradientOrientation has a few options:
draw the gradient from the bottom-left to the top-right

draw the gradient from the bottom to the top

draw the gradient from the bottom-right to the top-left

draw the gradient from the left to the right

draw the gradient from the right to the left

draw the gradient from the top-left to the bottom-right

draw the gradient from the top to the bottom

draw the gradient from the top-right to the bottom-left


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Shadows and Gradients
Default button style

I added a new Block:



thank you very much for everything, very good extension!, I recommend it


It is possible to add gradient colour to status bar and tittle bar by using this extension.


Status Bar: No, it’s not possible to add a Gradient to the Status Bar with this extension.

Title Bar: If you created your own Title Bar with Arrangements it would be possible, but not with the built in Title Bar.


Hi, is it possible make gradient color with V/H ScrollArrangment?


If you have read the post you would see that the developer says …and arrangements meaning Horizontal and Vertical and there is an photo example for Vertical arrangement


How difficult would it be to add a 3 color gradient feature to this extension? Willing to sponsor it. I know there is another gradient extension that allows up to 8 colors, but it only applies to Arrangements.


Good idea, I’ll look into that.