Add to list & tinydb


hi to all

i have a problem.

i want make a difussion list of mails, i have different textbox, for each textbox there are a checkbox, that check if there are a mail wrote.

after the mails are write, i add these mails to the list, after the list to tinydb.

in an other block, i retrieve these mails from the list, but not work

somebody can help me?



When and where are you calling your “mails” procedure?


Hi ken

on event initialize



the Idea is put the content of the list in the textbox’s when the screen load, if the list is empty, leave in blanck until the list have data.



Do you load mails with the TinyDB data?
If not, mails is an empty list at initialization.


i dont know how do it¡¡

the first part is ok? save the mails in the list & tinydb?


In Screen.Initialize you need to read from the TinyDB


i did this, but not work… i get an error


what about using a “create empty list” block rather than an empty text block in the valueIfTagNotThere socket?

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hi Taifun
Finally i can do it, using tinydb for each textbox.