Ad not showing (test ad works)


Please help.I have gone through the forum and checked responsive screen and everything fine.I saw verified by google in AdMob site. test ads working good. but my unit ID is not working.

Admob problem today?

You have to wait for 24Hours to Activate AdMob ID.
Google AdMob ID Needs 24Hours To Activate or Show Ads.

if got helpful please mark as Solution.


48hrs over already. It was active within hours.


not working anymore .except your app build in android studio, me also searching for more then a month to find out why adds not showing,


Oh Is it? can somebody confirm .I don’t think so.


I can help you about your ads


Can you please check my banner ad working for you ca-app-pub-6638038389329624/8365000980


i am Really thankful to you if you can help with that matter


no. your banner ad unit not showing , but when i use google test id its work fine


i read in a other forum: Make a new Project >>> all ads are working in the new Project.


Admob has never given me problems
but today it does not show ads
I have tried in several applications that showed ads, but today it does not show
it has always worked for me with this block

compile with max api 26
and minim api 17


not for me Admob problem


for me problem,not show ads, and blocks are correctly


OK So many of us have this issue .I think someone here can help us .Please anyone could tag experts here .I am new to this forum,


you dot need to mark people to lok into your post. if people want to look in your post they will do it. If not than not .


Did you set the Screen 1 as Responsive?? Check if it is set as fixed. If you see the screen as fixed, change it to responsive. Ok.


If the test ad works then your blocks are good and you don’t have problem with appybuilder. You have to check your admob account or contact google.


yes it may be an issue with admob .test ads working good