Ad Amazon not work : Nofill try again



I just started a project, there is no code or extension, I wanted to test first “ad amazon” but the ad does not appear and I have this error message:


What is the problem ?


No problem. These messages chime from AdMob or Amazon. It means ads are not ready or you are loading it too many times



Thanks, so i will wait 1 or 2 days and retry if the ad amazon is ready ?


Hi @Hossein

I have retry today, and same problem.


NO_FILL is an Inventory problem.

Here is how it works. Ad consolidators have inventory, those are ads that can be presented under the conditions of the advertiser.

If you have low quality content, or non specific content requests, your ads will be limited. If you run your ad too much, it will also be limited.

You have all played a game where you try to get free coins by watching a video, and the response is NO VIDEO AVAILABLE.

That is the same as NO_FILL

So be patient, add better quality to your app, and do some research.