Activity Starter to view current set alarms


Good day all. Does anyone have the AS settings they could share with me to open and view the set alarms on a droid. I’m struggling to set this up. Thanks.


There is an a app inventor app in Google play store includes activity starter settings for over 100 apps. I have forgotten the name of the app. Maybe someone else knows about it


This app what is in playstore not including set alarm activity.

You need also add to manifest
uses-permission android:name=“”

But Taifun has Alarmmanager extension!


@Peep if you have the link, can you post it?



The app has not been updated in a long time. The aia of an older version can be found online. I added it here.
AppInvActivityStarter.aia (167.5 KB)

Set ringtone set alarm

Thanks, John. I have that one. This activity isn’t listed. I’ve tried it.


Thanks. I looked at the requirements for the Alarmmanager extension. You need the alarmmanager app installed before you can use it. This would require my user to install at app as well. I just want to open the alarm to see what is set. I can’t seem to get it to launch. would you have the blocks for activity starter you could share?


Action: android.intent.action.SET_ALARM


Thanks. I have that. I’m not sure of the other fields. I have the package from @taifun Package manager. It’s I need the class and any other fields that may be require to open the alarms from a button in my app.


You not need any class. This action is to set Alarm.


I just tried that. I get this in return. runtime error. Permissions denied. I need to have a permissions statement in the somewhere. I’m not sure how to set it



You read this…?


That’s my problem. How do I set the blocks to include this? I’ve been searching and can’t find any precise instruction. Thanks.


Now not possible edit manifest with Appybuilder, maybe in future @Hossein?
Now you can use to edit app manifest other tools like AppToMarket or APKModder .

Can Appybuilder team add set alarm permission to clock component?


Thanks. If there is any member out there that has been successful accessing and modifying the Android alarm in any way, I would be very great full for your blocks or aia file. This is the only stumbling block to my app. Thanks again.


@bobbyj you might want to add the alarm extension without using it …
the extension adds that permission to the project



Nice extension. I have it as a component in my app. How can you stop the alarm from going off from within the app before its scheduled time? I tried using a cancel button with an activity starter. Can you do it with the extension? I’ve been trying to figure out how to edit the manifest file for the permissions setting suggestion from @peep and how to get that file back into my package but not having much luck. Thanks.


I installed APKTOOL and was able to edit the manifest file. How ever, after editing it and rebuilding the APK I get ta message that my package is corrupt. Here is my manifest file. Can someone PLEASE look at it and tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.