About build apk


i was compiling my apk via menu Build (save.apk to my computer)
all run smoothly
and i tested in my emulator, and it run great (but ia haven’t try to instal it on my phone)

so then i send this apk of mine to my friend via Whatsapp messenger for him to try it
but when the apk finish uploading, it become .zip file
and He download it became .zip to, and cannot install it to his phone or his emulator

so now i’m getting worried about,… what happen if i try to upload it to playstore?
will playstore be able recognize that it was an apk and not a zip??

please help.

Other users can not download my app

An apk file is a zipped file. Did whatsapp change the extension from .apk to .zip? Why not send the file via mail? I do that on a regular basis and that works fine.


ALASSS… why didn’t i think of that…

please forgive me Sir, for asking a dumb question at the above…
in truth, i was a cook and I have none of computer or programing background,
but i want to learn to be able to make android application about cooking and perhap’s some more about language quiz

i guess that make my head spin’s like hell for the pass week, viewing block, googling for solution, ect… make this brain of mine “skip” for a solution like that lol

thank you Sir :smiley:

Solved : it work very fine when i send it via google drive Sir.


I am a registered male nurse so my background is also different. Just playing around with computers for the last 35 years.:grin:


hi friends, after finishing my application I uploaded it to google drive and also shared it with whatsapp and my application can not download some … but other applications gives normal only mine are like this … why? Thank you…


1sly check ur play store link that working for u or not


Look at the above answer why sharing via Whatsapp doesn’t seem a good idea.


I do not have a play store account yet