A little help with Pavement Defects Survey application


Hi Appy Builders,
please, please I need a bit help with my application for Pavement Defects Survey ( = customized keyboard, where the keys log predefined defects codes).
It feels like it’s nearly there, I spent many many days studiying and developing, now I’m really running out of time and I must deliver the app in a day or two.
So asking for a help with issues on my snag list.
I’ll be adding my issues into the snag list below on the fly and number them for better orientation.
Thank you so much in advance abd please bear with me, I’m not a developer but civil engineer. If some questions look silly and you think I didnt’t read or google first before I asked, I did, just probably couldn’t find an answer,


1. Where is my newly installed application folder on Android device?

  • I know, sounds silly, but I really cannot find my app folder and my ‘media files’ I used for development

2. How to delete last row?
I append my ‘log’ into a *.csv file (as a correctly formated text, not as a list)

  • I need to make an action to delete last row, most efficient way to achieve that?
    Better to use a text function? Using a TextUtils extension, I could probably use a Regular Expression string to find last \n and delete everything behind?
    Or better to do opperation List From Csv Table -> remove list item (last row) -> List To Csv Table?

3. How can I create a table, ideally with a X button for each row to delete the row?
Like on the picture below.

  • To make a table out of my CSV I could perhaps use an extension
    ‘Display Table in Webviewer Extension by Andres Daniel’
    or ‘Extreme Custom Table Extension by Kus Zab’?
    Not sure, how to achieve that ‘Delete Row’ action though.
  • I’m actually happy to have just a List View, not sure how to achieve delete action there neither (ideally without clossing the list view after every delete action)
  • I also need to ‘Sort the rows’ from last to first log.

4. How to reverse list order?
I need to to show in List View the order from last to first, any chance to reverse list?

ListView swipe GI-Q

Are you liking for .apk? To help us understand, tell us what you intend to do


Thank Hossein.
I did generate .apk and sucesfully installed the app and it all works.
I just cannot find the application folder of my app in the android phone.


Did you give it a package name?


Yes, I did set an AppName in Screen1 properties.
So where the application should be?
I would expect root/sdcard/MyAppName (same place as the AppInventor is)
…I don’t have idea though, why the folder ‘sdcard’ is named like this, if it’s actually an Internal Storage


@StanV Not clear on what you want to do.
Is the issue that you don’t see your app in the home-screen?
Are you trying to sort-of root and figure-out where Android actually installs .apk?

If last item, you need to Google for it.


I see the app on my home screen/in my applications, that’s all good.
I’m not sure what ‘sort-of root’ means.
I just need to know, where are all my ‘Media’ which are during ‘debugging’ in an asset folder?

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The help file forstorage: http://gold.appybuilder.com/reference/components/storage.html
says ‘The default behavior is to write files to the private data directory associated with your App’.
Where is by default the Private Date Directory please? Assuming I have Android 6 and the application name is MyApplication.


Any assets you’ve uploaded to your project are packaged with the .apk file.
They aren’t in a folder you can access from outside the app.

However, you could use a component or extension to copy them to another folder.

When using the companion the assets are copied to:


This extension may be of help to you:


Check this out:


Thanks @Ken ok, I understand now, all is paked into the apk and I cannot access the file at all.
Simple stuff, but it’s not realy anywhere expalined, thanks.
And thank you so much for the File Extension, that should sort out my problem as I can create a new directory and save my files there to be accesible.

Also I have in my media files MyFile.csv and I make a list out of it. Sometimes I will need to replace this file with an updated MyFile.csv. How can I do that if it’s packed in the apk?
Or perhaps instead of loadin it into media, easiest would be, if read it from a own directory, where I can access it.

Thank you so much,


You can’t move files from or to the assets.