A little app I made to learn to play with databases


Here is a simple app I made aout a year ago and finally decided to put online with the help of friend.


It’s a simple anonymous thoughts and feelings sharing app. You input some text. Some people randomly access it.

If I have time, I’ll rework the database system and add the functions I intended to at first. I like the concept so I’d like to finish it.

It uses :
*firebase -various counters, messages, etc.
*admob -banner
*phone id -data management

Known bugs:
*“previous value empty” error message
*heavy DB transfer
(probably all due to a messy DB management)
*phone ID authorization error message

I won’t share the aia at this point. Looking back at it I realize it’s way too messy to be of any use. I’m barely able to understand it myself.


Maybe you can post some screenshots and tell what your app does.