503 OVER QUOTA...this application



I got a "Over Quota"?

My ferret ate some wires! He’s such a naughty ferret.
Just kidding, he’s sleeping.

I’m not sure what happened, but it looks like a server issue. It could be something from the host service.
I’m certain we’ll get this resolved as soon as possible :hugs:


Thanks for letting us know. Will be back up shortly


I hope it is not exploding iis: D
a hug to your ferret


my ferret appreciates your hugs :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to compile an app and it gets to 95% and stops or when it reaches 100% the barcode never shows up. Is this for the same reason?


@Italo We are investigating it it. You should be able to build now. Seems like we are getting DoS attacks :frowning:


Oh, wow! I hope is not that. I can’t imagine what can they benefit from doing that to AppyBuilder. Thank you very much.


create an application it’s become impossibile, it’s too slowly…


@Massimiliano_Fiorava Servers are running normally. What is slow? UI or building .apk?? I just built .apk and generated with no issue quickly.

Also, Have you tried switching browser?


Again the error of 503 Over Quota is showing.



same here…


still on the 503 error



how much take time to fix this probem?



how much take time to fix?


BTW Appybuilder is working again


Please watch your language.