503 Over Quota? [Now Resolved]


Is anyone else getting this error?

Error when i try to visit gold.appybuilder.com

I’m having the same error. What is this ,


I just found this from November:


it is giving this error. what does it mean ?



Did you read the post above?

“What’s happening is both good and bad. The good is that AppyBuilder is expanding and getting HUGE number of users. The bad is that we keep increasing the daily-budget, but still keep hitting the max-budget.”


I read it but didn’t get it… i think server’s buffer has filled. no more space… it means users are increasing day by day.


Me also


also Reply Option is Not Showing …


I Got the same error, what actually happen ???


Taking care of it now. Should be fixed in about 30 minutes from now


Can anybody predict how much time will it take to get resolved ?


Dear sir i like to inform That Reply Button is Now Live.



Yes, I’m having the same error.


Do users not read what Hossein has said. He said it will be fixed in half an hour. Be patient.


yes also i am but what will be next and how much time i can be take.
it will be come again like before?


Wait for 30 minutes and see what happens. hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible.


The next one who asks, without reading the post, I bite! :grin:



hahahaha :rofl::joy: