503 Over Quota? [Now Resolved]


Do users not read what Hossein has said. He said it will be fixed in half an hour. Be patient.


yes also i am but what will be next and how much time i can be take.
it will be come again like before?


Wait for 30 minutes and see what happens. hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible.


The next one who asks, without reading the post, I bite! :grin:



hahahaha :rofl::joy:


Guys please take note. We are trying to resolve over quota with Google. Please take a1 hour break. I’ll follow on this post


Thanks Hossein, I need to eat something anyway!


Take your time. We will man the fort :grin::sunglasses:


Many people want to know why this happened and if it will happen again.

I could be wrong but, from what I read, AppyBuilder has to Pay $$$ for Us to use the server.

If you want to help, consider donating some $$ of your own by clicking here:

See this post from Hossein from November 2017:


Exactly what I was going to post.

The people complaining about the problem, probably never spent a dime supporting AppyBuilder.
This wouldn’t happen if every user paid $1 as originally proposed. So if you don’t want this to happen, consider paying for what you are using, like @Ken said in his post above.


I guess a large part of the users will leave if they have to pay. That would solve the problem also. :sunglasses:


I see that we all have the same problem :slight_smile:
I kept working until I realized that I was not recording :upside_down_face:


Don’t know how Appy Builder Administration will take this message, but i’m trying to contribute as a community member…

I’m the owner of Tomattos Technologies Ltd and with honor want to provide 1-3 server for free to Appy Builder.
Our DC is at Dhaka, Bangladesh and the uptime is above 99.90% avg last 3 years.

It will be an honor to be part of the Appy Builder Community with my best.


THANKS for manning and patience.
Apparently there is some issue on Google side and we are talking to Google to resolve.
We’ll update as we get more info


There is some incident on Google side on some of their clusters. They are aware and they are checking into it.
Good time for taking break :smile:
Will update as we receive info.



Take a break…
or better, we opened the photoshop and we thought about how to improve our app graphically :slight_smile:

Thank you team for being there even on a Sunday.



That was an issue on Google clusters and it’s now resolved !