(2019) Dynamic Quiz App with Firebase + Admin Panel App .For Sale


Hello guys ,

@Peter have already listed extension names. so i respect all those extension dev efforts for helping me to develop this innovative app.
I have successfully developed a quiz app with firebase and even admin panel to add /edit/ delete questions and categories.
Its the first time ever this kind of app is developed on AI platform.
Its totally a dynamic app which can support thousands of questions and hundreds of categories.
Thanks to the platform inventors to provide such a good platform to develop apps.

Platform : Appybuilder

APK FILE LINK : https://dafaqdevelopers.com/Apps/Quiz_App_Firebase.apk

Price : Rs. 690 ( Less for students ) Paytm : 8744958220

$15 for non Indians Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/dafaq

Interested buyers can whatsapp me on +918744958220 or email me dafaqdevelopers@gmail.com

Here are the characteristics of my Firebase Quiz app :

  1. You can add unlimited Questions and Categories in the app using the admin panel app without opening firebase.
  2. It has an Admin Panel from which you can add / remove questions and categories.
  3. User Interface is better than an android studio app . Smooth ad fast
  4. Firebase connected app . Fast and bugs free.

Watch the video for more details :

Here are the screenshots of the app :

Interested buyers can whatsapp me on +918744958220 or email me dafaqdevelopers@gmail.com

Hitesh K. Yadav


What builder did you use? You also posted this on the Thunkable forum. It is a sign of respect to only post in the forum of the builder you used.


And maybe give credit to the developers of the extension you are using


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