1 Year Anniversary


Today marks my 1 year anniversary of finding AppyBuilder.
It’s been a fun and mostly enjoyable year for me and I just wanted to take a minute to thank some of the people who made the past 365 days more enjoyable:

@Hossein, @AppyBuilder, @Peter, @Gabriel_Egea, @Andres_Cotes, @condigital, @Taifun, @TF101, @enfandroid, @Kleyber_Derick, @Ten_Gator, @Rey

And all of you!

Thank You!


Great, @Ken!!! I’m happy to be part of it!!!


@Ken Thanks for your help (and moderators) and all those in community members helping each other.

There is an anniversary community plug-in; will try to add


Ken, you’re a genius! You are always helping and sharing your knowledge, a pleasure to have met you!


Partytime!!! :sunglasses::tada::confetti_ball::birthday::cake::pie::beers::cocktail::champagne:


Thanks to you for your great contribution, always present


Thank you for your nice words!
You’ve become a big part of Appybuilder!
Keep it up!


Congrats Sir :apple::apple::apple:


In fact WE are grateful for ALL your contributions (including me) in this 1 year… Thank you!!!