Webviewer giving blank page after scrolling back?


I have a webviewer showing links in a second vertical alignment. Then I use a floating BACK button so the visitor can scroll back through his or her browsing history.

It works fine…until there’s nothing left to show. Then it’s supposed to go back to the home ‘screen’ (vertical alignment). But it inevitably at the end goes to a blank page where the user has to click BACK again before they are taken to the opening screen. What am I doing wrong?

Blank White Space When Back Button Is Pressed!

you are doing nothing wrong
but as far as I know, there is an issue with some Android versions…
you might want to do a search in the forums to find some threads…
as workaround you might want to check, what is the url and/or page title in case the webpage is blank…


Thanks, will try the ‘check URL’ option to see what is happening.


This seems to work only for Android versions before Lollipop with latest Android System Webview update
and this works for all, so you don’t get a blank page, if you know your current url, this also applies to local files

and if you don’t know, add timer
ex. if you load http://www.google.com you get something like this https://www.google.se/?gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=PY7PWZOhBpaBtAHt0p7YAw


Does not comes proper Output ....The White screen comes between two screen

Thanks a lot for replying. I will check it out.


Another alternative to this, use timer to reload the page again at the app launch.


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Thanks again. Will try that.