Quick Ebook Tutorial


This is a very small tutorial because there is little to say about it. Some users ask how to make an ebook with AppyBuilder and that is really simple.

You only need the following components.


And the following blocks. No fancy formula, just straight forward.

And then you have the following result

You can with the latest release also set a custom font for the titlebar.

The html-files use a small css file for formatting the text. But you can play with that.

Thats it. I have added the aia also so you can play with it. The size is so big because of the image used.

LoremIpsum.aia (556.0 KB)


is the ebok are uploaded to the appybuilder, so when a person download it, it came with the apk?

if so, can the apk be updated when i have another ebook that i want to put to the apk?


You can make an apk for every ebook you want to make. Is that what you mean?


no sir,


lets say today i have one ebook (say it’s ebook A)
and i make one apk that when it open, there’s a menu that contain one list with one item, and that item is ebook A.
wich when the user tap on it the ebook is open and the user can read it.

and then the next day i write another ebook (and it’s ebook B) and finish writing it the next week.

then i want to make that ebook B now appear on the same app that people already download it, but now have it show on the list from menu.
so now the user can read my second ebook, without having to download and install another app.

like the app can be update to download the second ebook

can that be done sir?


Yes, you can. Just change the webviewer url to a remote html files and it would be done instantly.

You can let the app to know if update/new chapter/new book is available using firebase, or just write a html file that contain updated book list.


is there any video tutorial to do that from piixiibomb here sir?