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This tutorial is fairly easy to follow, but the concepts might be a little more advanced for some users. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

This video will help you learn the basics of Firebase by creating a Push Notification for your app. You’ll manage Push Notifications within Firebase, and your users will Subscribe or Unsubscribe to those notifications using a Switch in your app’s settings menu. A mock settings section is created in the project’s .aia file to use as an example.

Project Download: Firebase.aia (100.7 KB)

Firebase Push Notification Sender App
How to use firebase component

Nice tutorial @PixiiBomb… Thanks a lot…:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


you are very welcome :smiley:


Jiji Pixxi eres la animación de este foro, además de guapísima haces unos Vídeos increíbles o viceversa… jejeje gracias


Hello! I have a question: does this component work in the background even though the app is closed? Thank you and I really like your videos. :slight_smile:



Yes your app actually SHOULD be closed when you receive Push Notifications.


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