Playing YouTube Videos!


There is no fullscreen button on the video to switch to full screen. Anyway to make it play in fullscreen?


how can get embed code for channel ?
not play list , which are as below

get embed code for playlist code here
but getting any where for channel .any one can guide me


Please be more considerate… I’m sorry but please dont try to spam questions. As for your problem, you can use jquery solution. Use google for that.


Why this video link is not being auto-play on the phone, when this link is playing auto on the laptop .
< iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen>


Sí, pero Andres. Los de Google Play me echaron una App para atrás por utilizar tu extensión de youtube. Algo hay que no permiten.


Si pasa videos con derecho tienes dificultades


my application rejected by youtube device and network abuse policy (Because of my youtube video playing in background, when i press home button).

Is it possible to pause youtube video when (I am use webview + iframe to display video) device home button press and application go to background. or when phone screen locked.

any possible solution ??? (Ex. block code sample, java script, youtube api or anything else)