Material sidebar update (15/01/2018)


Hello community,

Here is my new tutorial.
Made with @NMD’s gesture extension.

Please complete 25 :heart: to encourage me :slight_smile: .


Very nice, @Nick. Is it use the same methode with your menu tutorial?


Source .aia file.
NICK_SIDEBAR.aia (26.3 KB)

If you like this tutorial complete 25 :heart: to first post not this one.:+1:


Sidebar version 2.

Pure material.
Night mode.

Source code :

NICK_SIDEBAR_V2.aia (195.8 KB)

Remove elevation of horizontal arrangement at screen initialize event to remove margin.


Very cool sidebar, @Nick. Good job.

I like your night mode. It is like glow in the dark.

I wonder why the aia size become much bigger.


Thanks @Ronin and @Peter_Mathijssen. :+1: