API extension


this extension allows you to generate url to monetize

please check the terms of use of the page




image (34,9 KB)


Thank you soo much sir for accept my request.


@Andres_Cotes the pay rate is so high, are you sure it is not scam?


thanks @Andres_Cotes ,

but Doubt of @Ronin is correct .
how can Confirmation its not scam ?


@Shahrukh_Abedin was the user who asks for the favor of creating this extension please @Shahrukh_Abedin tell us your experience


its give me error !!!
:sob: :sob: :sob:


Sir it’s not working give error…but no problem in extension.
Error from Linkrex website when i want to Short url by Web API its give me error.
So i think Extension is allright but problem with linkrex site.