Google Spreadsheet Extension (Paid)


बहुत से यूजर जो गूगल स्प्रेडशीट का उपयोग appybuilder, makeroid, ai2.appinventor पर करना चाहते है |
लेकिन कर नहीं पाते क्योंकि इसका एक्सटेंशन कही नही है . उनके लिए मैंने ये एक्सटेंशन डेवलप किया है |
इस एक्सटेंशन्स को किसी भी इन्वेंटर पर उपयोग में ला सकते है जैसे की Thunkable पर उपयोग में लाते है |
जैसे की appybuilder , makeroid ai2.appinventor सभी उपयोग करके सकते है |
जिनको ये एक्सटेंशन्स चाहिये मुझे ईमेल करें |

Many users who want to use Google Spreadsheets on appybuilder, makeroid, ai2.appinventor.
But do not do it because its extension is not there. I have developed these extensions for them.
These extensions can be used on any inventor, such as using on Thunkable.
Like the appybuilder, makeroid ai2.appinventor can use all.
anyone need ,Please email me for these extensions.

Price only 5 $

How to make database like Firebase, in spreadsheet
I to want send data through Spreadsheet to app. how to?

Nice work. Is there a specific reason why you don’t post your aix here? Could you also show some blocks how it looks in use. A little tutorial i mean.


@Peter_Mathijssen Thank you very much for encouragement
Done, I worked hard on this. Unless I get $ 100, I will not give it free.
After getting $ 100, I will make it available for free for everyone


work smoothly with Google Spreadsheet Extension With AI2


thank you for your contribution

Please follow the naming conventions, which are UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names



Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


@Taifun Thank you very much for telling my mistake .I hope you will definitely sing.I will try again that I will not make such a mistake.


Hi @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu , how does it work?
This extension seems very interesting. A small tutorial that shows how it works would be welcome.

Thanks so much


This extension has been 1st sponsored by @hitesh ! Thank you so much!