FirebaseStorage Extension


Hi everybody!, today i bring you FirebaseStorage extension

FirebaseStorage Extension
Getting Started
Find the storage bucket.

Then, change the rules

seems like this

Now add the extension to your project. finally you have to set the API and STORAGE BUCKET in the component properties. (You can find the API key in projects settings)

upload a photo. use file://… or content:// or http:// for path

upload a video. use file://… or content:// or http:// for path

Get and Delete a file with a given filename.

Return the download Url from Firebase and filename.

Return error message

Video files takes more time than image to upload… try small files

com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix (34.6 KB)

Try the aia project (dont forget set your own API and StorageBucket)
FirebaseStorage.aia (37.7 KB)

This is the first version, i hope to improve this extensions, Thank!

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How to use cloud firestore?

A very good start! Bravo


#Req Would You make us a firebaseDB Extension As known Issue we have a problem while compile on mit ai2u Offline with Firebase component… You Just masterpiece Of Firebase Thanks.


@mirxtrem_apps could you please show how I can upload image captured from camera. Below is my code.

Error is Invalid HTTP method/URL pair



I’ve fixed this. No need to add gs:// to the storagebucket.


Thanks a lot sir. It’s helpful. :+1:



Hello Gustavo,

Nice work, I have a question with regard to it: I can save to a subfolder but I am not able to get the file back from the subfolder.

Is there a way to get to the subfolder to get the file with the .get block?


How to set project bucket dring runtime. its definite that we are going to work in different pockets at the same considerably different folders.


Help me

How to update webviewer url in firebase & open external


is not possible yet.
stay close for next update!


It says developer Credentials Required ???


hii @mirxtrem_apps how i can switch from one picture to another picture in particular folder of firebase storage


Yes the path its just a little different if you save into a folder, we are working to add that feature in next version.


Thanks dude.
Full video tutorial in hindi language…

Free wallpaper aia with this extension.
online image update from firebase.


it would be perfect if we can get list of imagenames from storage.


I have got this Error…

Invalid Http Method/Url Pair