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comparto extension que permite tomar una firma con el panel taltil y ponerlo en formato base30

idea de @josejad
deben tener los archivos en los assets

co.com.dendritas.Signature.aix (8,3 KB)
link de fuente https://github.com/willowsystems/jSignature



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@Andres_Cotes you are coming up with all kinds of extensions :slight_smile: keep up the great job


Whaaat??? So quickly?? hehe, thanks a lot¡¡

Vaya Andrés, sí que eres rápido, muchas gracias, le echaré un vistazo.

Un abrazo


@Andres_Cotes Isn’t this same as using Canvas and allowing user to DrawLine for the signature? Then Canvas.SaveAs can be used to save picture. Is jSignature diffierent?


entrega es un texto que representa la imagen en la pagina demo me pareció interesante lo que hace.


no se si se pueda hacer en el entorno de los inventor




Hi Hossein:

You can draw in a canvas, but then you can save it just like a picture.
With jSignature you can save in several ways, one of them it’s base30, a small piece of text which you can re draw the sign, and it’s appropiate to save in a database as text


Very nice and useful. Thanks


Great but if you want to get back the sign from base30 text?


Puedes leer estohttps://www.reloadedpc.com/php/jquery-jsignature-php-base30-image/


Thank you Andres .You are really kind.


In a few days I will try to update the html and javascript to recreate the signature, so maybe Andres can update the extension