[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



@D_ng_Hao that extension is generic and doesn’t have that feature. We are thinking of implementing alternative solutions that will include all the component features.


Thanks for your responsive. I’ll waiting for next update ^^


Any update on dynamic arrangements?


Arangements are containers that can contain many other components. So it doesn’t really make sense to make that dynamic


OK, thanks for the reply. I know we can create dynamically buttons, textboxes, labels, etc - it would be nice to be able to create the arrangements to put them in also to keep things neat.


Hi. I have downloaded the AIA, but I could not find the block to create TABS. Could somebody help me, please?



Thank you! So fast!!! :slight_smile:


Sir please make an extension to dynamically create layouts with material cards


Greetings @Hossein is there a way to change the font and type to the buttons created with DynamicComponent … ??


Yes, it would be great if we could add Image Sprites dynamically.

Are there any plans to add this functionality?
Great extension by the way :slight_smile:


Great job. Congratulations. May I ask 3 points?
a) how to set size of a component dynamically created? for example how to use procedure DynamicComponent1.SetSize? what could be the input in the size param in pixels, in percent, width, height? I’ve read an earlier reply on this, that size is changing when font changes. I wonder if dimensions could change with this proc.
b) about your .aia example: there is a procedure Call DynamicComponent1.RemoveComp. This proc must obligatory be used when app closes in order to release memory, or it is just used whenever such a component must be removed?
c) Is it possible to set an image to display on a dynamic button?
Thanks a lot