Dynamic Components


This looks really interesting. I can see all sorts of applications! Have you gotten any feedback for version 1.0? Any plans to integrate this into the core feature set?


@Thomas_Leavitt this extension can be used to dynamically create abels, textbox, checkbox, radio buttons, etc. We ate thinking of an alternative solution for including dynamic components into core AppyBuilder :wink:


how create radiobutton with this extension?? @Hossein


@Adell_SE See the new President’s Quiz tutorial here:


If with this extension we could create many more types of objects dynamically, it would be a real revolution that would open many new possibilities.

I hope it will be so soon. =)



Hi. I like this extention! But i want more options :grin: one small, and a bigger one :yum:

  • to pass text align with HTML
  • to use “DynamicComponent1” as “of component” in any button (label etc) “set Button.property” block


I dont know how hard it is but it will be awesome if you include FontSize and FontBold configurations.

Good job. thanks


You can achieve this with html for now.