Dynamic Bar Chart - Line Chart



Someone wants this …?
is not easy for me to decide to give this code for free, so I motivate you to send me some cents.

I’m not a Java programmer, that’s why I do not do extensions, I really hate java, but I have a lot of experience with javascript, Php and many other languages …

for this project I use the fantastic Chartjs

See video

I’m going to upload the AIA file in a few hours

@CarlosPedroza27 @Taifun @Andres_Cotes @Manny


You can use it for offline applications Enjoy it

charts.aia (47.5 KB)


Thank you! It will be very useful to me.


Thanks for your contribution, I was thinking about not doing more code, but this motivates me to continue sharing.



Keep developing, do not stop! Next time I’ll contribute more.