Dialog Any Extension by Kus Zab (sponsored)


This extension make dialog of any view component like: label, button, listview, etc. Including layout with its contained

one component set up many component

here preview

here my blocks

Pm your Email to Me to request the Extension


Hello Kus

Looks very interesting! To clarify:

  1. Dialog at top Z level (like a notification)?
  2. I can define the Dialog as required - for example, a Label and 4 Buttons?
  3. The extension is fully compatible with App Inventor 2?
  4. How to pay you for it?


Chris Ward

  1. The dialog like on the video as you can see. like dialog on notifier component
  2. You can custom your design with label 4 buttons, if you use original button of dialog its allow max 3button with custom label.
  3. yes it is
  4. https://www.paypal.me/kuszab86


Awesome extension, was already waiting for something like this!