Connect to an API - Two Parts - Using Guild Wars 2




Sorry about the wonky audio at the start and end of the video. Something happened during compression, and I’m not sure what I did lol :exploding_head:

This is not a beginner tutorial. You may have trouble understanding the concepts in you are new to programming.

Using an API allows you to grab information from a web server and place that information in your apps (or any program). Part 1 will show you how to find documentation for your API, figure out which authentication you’re using, and test the API in your web browser. Part 2 will show you how to grab data from a website and use it in your app.

Websites Mention in the Video (in order of appearance)
(Article) 50 Most Useful APIs for Developers
(Database) Programmable Web


Guild Wars 2 Website


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How to use API from
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Internet to geting time
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@PixiiBomb Just excellent and great explanation.


Hey your tutorial always awesome to learn new things


I’m glad you’re enjoying them :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi Pixii,
Thanks for this.
I have an existing .asmx webservice that i wanna use in my appy app to authenticate my user login. My use case is more or less like this: send username and password and device registration id to the endpoint, authenticated against the database, and if it’s authenticated store the device reg id (to send the push notif to later on) and rerturn the status back to the app.
Can you pls direct me on how to do it with appy builder? A small working example would be highly appreciated. Thks.


I’m not quite familiar with the .asmx webservice. Is that by any chance related to Visual Studio? If so, it’s been a few years since I’ve worked with Visual Studio, and I’m not sure how the program currently is set up. I probably wouldn’t be much help in that area.

If you’re able to access your database online, then you absolutely should be able to use a web component in AppyBuilder to help you out.

I found some older documentation from the AI2 platform regarding XML & Web Services.
This example looks like it’s taking a website and decoding the XML from the website.

So it’s similar to what we did in my example, except it’s using XML instead of JSON
I hope that helps, if not, let me know, I’ll see what else I can do to help


Sorry to confuse you with .asmx i mentioned, yep it’s a soap web service created with VS. It’s actually a SOAP Webservice, which returns XML and not JSON. Been operational and used to authenticate desktop app users. Anyway thks for the tip.
One more thing, is there possible to get device registration/token ID from appy builder? Thks


Please make a video in hindi. Please


I’m sorry I don’t speak Hindi.


Don’t say sorry. It’s ok. I’ll try to understand video again and again


@PixiiBomb, it is really a nice tutorial. I am trying to incorporate the Google Analytics to my App in order to see the real number of online users. However I don´t know how to make it works. Could you make a tutorial about this? It would be nice.