App Inventor Java Bridge


Hossein Amerkashi let us know that there is interest in this community in the Java Bridge project. Thomas Oropeza, a graduating USF student, is the lead developer on the project. I am his professor David Wolber.

The Java Bridge ( is an exploratory (alpha) version of App Inventor that allows you to generate a Java equivalent of the apps you have built. It has great potential as an educational tool and also for prototyping, i.e., building most of an app in a visual tool and then bridging to Java to add features the visual tool doesn’t provide.

We are looking for early adopters to provide insights and report issues as we complete the system. The system is incomplete, but It now generates a Java equivalent for simple to intermediate apps such as the common App Inventor tutorials (e.g., MoleMash).

We’re also interested in folks who would be interested in helping with development of the project, and potential integrations with Appy Builder.


Dave Wolber
Professor, USF


Hello Dave

Thanks for joining. Per or previous email communication, below is the thread showing discussion on java bridge.

Thanks for joining and it’s great to have you and your students/team in AppyBuilder community.



Hi, @wolberd

Thanks for joining us… The ability to convert App Inventor’s app into java code would be a great breakthrough for AI user community…



This is a very useful project. This will make proposing use of AI and AB as a development platform much more credible, as, even if the tool is never used, knowing that this is an option will reassure partners that they’re not locked into the platform, and won’t have to rebuild their app from scratch if functionality unavailable via AI/AB turns out to be necessary.

I’m happy to test this out with my AI projects (all tutorials), although I’ve migrated my ongoing work to AB.

Thomas Leavitt


@wolberd, thanks for being open to integrate with Appy Builder!
This is fantastic news for students and entrepreneurs. It will help grow a community of passionate people.
I’ll be glad to help with my limited coding skills (smali was too complex to learn anyway).

I’m proud and happy to see the post about my vision is building bridges :slight_smile:

PS: 3 days ago, I posted 2 messages on!forum/app-inventor-java-bridge about building errors and source. I don’t know if someone saw them.


hello hope this tool get finished bc i tried it today and the toll said i cannot implementmy aia file bc of java runtime error my app use much of the appybuilder blocks. like firebase authemticator google tables cloutdb and much more. nice project but not ready do use if you use things that appiventor not have.