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Hola a todos comparto esta extension

permite cambiar el thema de los inventors por favor ver el video para entender un poco de que se trata

debe ser ejecuta el metodo en el Screen1 luego habren el Screen2 y surtira efecto el cambio del thema pueden regresarce al Screen uno y mantendra los cambios

Hi everyone I share this extension

Allows to change the thema of the inventor please see the video to understand a little that it is

Must be executed the method in Screen1 then there will be Screen2 and will take effect the change of thema can return to Screen one and will keep the changes (4,8 KB)


Andres Cotes

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You never stop coming with those great ideas & extensions.


Damm Andres your are good. I think Hossein should offer you a job or something. Keep em coming, you are the best.


When you think, to set Android theme, you have to use only 1 line of code. But no one actually thinks about that, @Andres_Cotes keeps coming with these ideas. You have a big head :smile:


Hola Andrés, podrías mostrar un pantallazo de los bloques como deberían ir en cada screen para que surja efecto? Emulando funciona como tu lo muestras en el video, pero cuando se compila no surge efecto, no sé si esté haciendo algo mal


How can we save selected Android theme extensions?
When open again after the App closes, open with the saved theme .


save it to tinyDB and when open app get the value saved.

you can use block “if then”, like:

if tinydb get value XX = theme1
then SetThemeMaterialLight

if tinydb get value XX = theme2
then SetThemePanel