Amazon ads monetization


Where can I create this and what publisher id I used


No answer for this question?:thinking:
I have checked this in “Guide” and found empty portion.

There should be a tutorial like Admob component by Pixii Bomb:



@fdesigner See “Obtain an Application Key” in link below


Thanks for sharing this valuable link. At Appybuilder, as most of options are already set there and we only need two components i.e Publisher Id and Application key.

Please check this screenshot also.



Amazon have video ads?


Amazon video ads aren’t supported


Ok!! Sir actually I want to monetized my application through video ads i want to give Chance to my user they watch 5 videos and eran some amount of points. But condition apply after watching 5 videos they have to wait 5 Hrs to get next 5 video ads.

So I want 5 video ads for monetizeing my application. I try admob video ads but they didn’t play 5 times they play only one time :cry:

Have any other video ads option in applybuilder?


then use admob reward videos