2 Part - Fusion Table Tutorial


This tutorial is fairly easy to follow, but the concepts might be difficult to understand for beginner users. I do not recommend fast-forwarding or skipping through this video. There is a lot of information you might miss. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

Project .aia: FusionTutorial.aia (235.0 KB)

PART 1: Description
Learn more about the Google Developers Console and Google Drive. In this video you’ll create a Project in the Developer’s Console, enable the Fusion API, and create credentials for that project. You’ll use those credentials to connect to your Fusion table and AppyBuilder. At the end of the video, you’ll test to connection to your Fusion table within AppyBuilder.

PART 2: Description
In Part 2, you’ll learn how to structure the data from your fusion table into a list. Once in list form, you’ll no longer need to access the fusion table to grab data. You can use the built-in list blocks to maintain your list data, and only access the fusion table when you need too. We’ll create custom Query statements to View (select), Edit (update), and Delete data in our fusion table. We’ll use the built in Insert block to add data to our fusion table.

PART 2: Challenge
The video challenge is located on Screen1 and the Main Screen. Screen1 gives you an example of adding a new user to the fusion table using a SIGN UP screen. The new user is also given the option of adding a referral username (an existing user in the fusion table). Both users will receive points as rewards. Your challenge is to go through Screen1 and the Main screen, clean up any blocks that need cleaning up (re-organize), and understand what each block does.

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Is it possible to make a cashback app using fusion tables ?


Hey there,

you can do anything with a fusion table, as long as you understand how a database works.
So yes. It is possible.

Just store and retrieve whatever data you want from the fusion table.
Don’t think of it as a "cashback app"
Think of it as pieces of data.
Everything is a piece of a puzzle.


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Hi could you help me with custom list view you created in your tutorial 2
Thank you.