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Education for children (2)
Detect image blur (4)
Is it posible add option to set coiling value (1)
Extension idea stories (1)
StartApp ads as replacement or complement of admob (5)
Google Map Theme (1)
Cloudstich component for online spreadsheet (1)
Call settings and answering machine (4)
CustomListView display images from sd (5)
Features you want ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (115)
Better preview on browser and various suggestions (5)
Print a receipt (4)
Virtual LED indicator (6)
Integrating "CloudDB" (open source project for App Inventor) into AB (10)
OneSignal Push user id (1)
Update URL using Firebase (6)
Can Any One Help Me (4)
Colorize the StatusBar (4)
Ability to change line color in text box or make it invisible (1)
Ability to remove shadow from card (1)
"Draw" image on a canvas (7)
Google Maps polylines in Appybuilder (3)
Padding for arrangement (12)
Scale buttons to fit just like images (6)
Export blocks to pdf (4)
Webview Offline webpage viewer & Auto update (7)
Improve Warnings functionality in Block Designer (9)
Swipe feature for arrangements (4)
A GalleryViewer.SelectionIndex block for GalleryViewer (1)
Vote - Do you want to be able to use icon font e.g. material icon and font awesome in ListViewCustom and LisPickerCustom? (1)